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'The Cosmic Ordering Service' - Barbel Mohr

Friday 7th April 2006

Are you still waiting for your ship to come in? Looking for the ideal relationship you can’t seem to find? Working just to pay the bills until that perfect job comes along? Don’t you wish that you could just place an order for the life that you want?

"The Cosmic Ordering Service, the latest New Age “faith” to win celebrity endorsement, has a straightforward appeal that will be familiar to anyone who has thrown a coin into a pool and paused for a few seconds of silent entreaty. It claims to grant your heart’s desire.” 


 "The host of the……..quiz show sensation, 'Deal or No Deal', has enjoyed an incredible run of good luck after he endured years in the……wilderness and a painful divorce—and he says it all happened after he asked “the Cosmos” for help."

Sunday Mirror

'The Cosmic Ordering Service' is a guide to realizing your dreams. Best-selling author Barbel Mohr can teach you how to fulfill all your wishes—just by placing an order with the universe. You’ll learn how she used the Cosmic Ordering Service to gain her dream job, the ideal man, money, health—even a castle to live in! Mohr will show you, as she has taught hundreds of thousands of European readers, how to listen to your inner voice, place your order, sit back, and let marvelous things happen. The hard part is deciding what you really want. Once you have figured that out, this charming, witty, and insightful book is going to tell you how to get it.

NOW…..what to ask for next?

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