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www.chriseubank.com Launch

Tuesday, 25th April 2006

Chris Eubank is proud to announce the launch of his new pay-per-view website www.chriseubank.com at the Malmaison Hotel, Charterhouse Square, London, EC1.

Eubank, in collaboration with RJH Management and Activefone, is making available all of his winning fights as pay-per-view downloads to mobile phones and PCs along with wallpapers, profiles, a gallery and a forum for his fans.

The site will also include the capacity for fans to download the Watson Eubank II fight which was embargoed by ITV 15 years ago. 14 million viewers saw the fight live on the 21st September 1991. Viewers will once again be able to witness what is arguably considered to be one of the Top 5 fights in boxing history. This is a fight which Watson himself is very proud of and feels that his public has a right to see again hence this collaboration. Michael Watson and Chris Eubank will share the profits of both the Eubank/Watson I and II fights.

Four other fights will initially be available on the Chris Eubank’s website including Watson I (22nd June 1991), Benn I (22nd November 1990), Godoy (27th May 1995) and Storey (27th August 1994). Each week, new fights will be uploaded.

The launch will allow WAP enabled mobile users to be able to buy exclusive downloads via the dynamic Bango payment solution while PC users can view fights via a mobile PIN solution (ActivePIN).

Pricing varies from £1.50 to £10.00. All payment solutions are powered by Activefone and processed by Bango.

Phase 2 of the site will see the introduction of non-mobile payment methods for all PC viewed fights.

Eubank retains the non-exclusive rights for all of the fights he won – which included 23 knock outs in 45 wins, all of which will eventually be available on the site.

Before Eubank, no one had ever seen anyone with such style, pizzazz, ferocity and artistry in the ring. Now fans can relive the glory days of boxing once again.


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