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Daddies Sauces 'Dad of the Year'

John Terry beats tough competition to win Daddies Sauces ‘Dad of the Year’ award

19th June 2009: England Captain, John Terry, has beaten off stiff competition to win the 2009 Daddies Sauces ‘Dad of the Year’ award. Father of three year old twins, Georgie John and Summer Rose, Terry (28) came top of a poll of UK adults beating last year’s winner Peter Andre into second place.

The current political climate had an impact on Gordon Brown’s popularity, with the Prime Minister only receiving five per cent of the vote, a drop from 13 per cent last year.

John Terry’s wife and childhood sweetheart, Toni Terry, gave birth to Georgie John and Summer Rose in May 2006. Terry narrowly missed the birth despite a frantic dash from the England training camp in Portugal, sprinting straight off the training pitch and onto the next flight in his Three Lions kit. When not on England or Chelsea duties, John can be found teaching his three year old twins how to swim. 

Terry was delighted to find he topped the Daddies Sauce survey, commenting “It's a great honour to be voted dad of the year. I have won many trophies in my career but I’m proud to say that this is up there with all of them. Georgie and Summer are great kids and I love them both dearly.

My family mean the world to me and receiving this award has made me feel extremely proud. Being with the kids and watching them grow up and learning new things everyday is a privilege and I'm honoured to receive this award.”

The Daddies Sauce poll also found that intrepid adventurer, Indiana Jones, was the fictional character most Brits would like to have as their dad, topping the list with a massive 42 per cent of the vote. Springfield’s most famous resident, Homer Simpson finished a strong second with 19 per cent of the vote and hard man Tony Soprano came in third spot.

Over three quarters of the population (77%) will be buying their daddy a gift this year, with chocolate and alcohol being the most popular presents. However, Father’s day still appears to live in the shadow of Mother’s day with many dads often getting neglected: Royal Mail statistics show that over 13 million Mother’s Day cards are sent each year in comparison with only 7 million Father’s Day Cards.

Recent research showed that many kids think the name ‘Father’s Day’ is a bit of a turn off, with very few children calling their Dad ‘Father’ any more. Only four per cent of Dads said that they are referred to as Father by their kids and a whopping 62 per cent of Dads surveyed said that ‘Daddy’ is the preferred term used by kids.[ii]

That’s why this year Daddies Sauce is campaigning to update the name to ‘Daddies Day’ to encourage people to celebrate how important our dads are.

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