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Jingle Bell Ball


By Christina Adamidou 

Even if you did manage to get a ticket to this year’s Jingle Bell Ball, there would still be one place you wouldn’t have been able to catch all the action: backstage.

Never fear, your Celebrities Worldwide correspondent reports backstage and behind the curtain at the O2 Arena where London continued to party with some of the world’s biggest entertainers. The impressive line –up   of the now annual shindig included : Kylie, Akon, JLS, Tinie Tempah, The Saturdays, The Wanted, Flo Rida, Scouting for Girls Example, Labrinth, Jay Sean and Cee Lo Green, wowing the crowd of 16,000 music fans.

The red carpet was looking especially festive this time of year, as did Aussie pop star sensation Kylie Minogue who arrived amidst a sea of shutterbug's. The petite starlet dressed in a sheer white dress almost resembled a Snow Queen or a breathtaking angel you’d want to prop on the top of your Christmas tree. 

While Kylie kicked off the merry spectacle with her all time classics as well as new singles from her number one album “Aphrodite,” a very patient Elliot Gleave, or better known as Example, grooved backstage. The 26 year old rapper, songwriter, comedian and ‘music brain’, reckons the highlights of his year have simply been, “The thousands of people singing and dancing together and coming out to see you. That’s what music is all about really.” As for his plans for the coming year? Other than his sold out Feb-March tour which he’s very pleased about, he hopes to break out to other countries, release another album, a possible film role and get a new haircut. Not necessarily in that order presumably. I also caught up with the melodious voice behind chart-topping hits like “Down,” and “Do You Remember,” Jay Sean. The British artist, who has managed to take America by storm, has had an incredible year, with global number one dance floor filler, stealing the show at the British Asian Music Awards, a new album, touring in the UK, US and Australia, not to mention collaborating with other top artists.  “Working with Nicki Minaj was a big thing,” he says. “She doesn’t just work with anybody and everyone and she’s really become the biggest, hottest thing right now.” 

Christina with (a fully clothed) Flo Rida

Despite his global success, Jay hasn’t forgotten who have always been there: his family. “Work does get crazy, but you gotta live, you gotta have a life with the people who have been there from the beginning, and that’s my parents and my family.” His New Year Resolution? Spend more time with them.

I heard humble responses from the man behind Tinie Tempah’s breakthrough smash singles, Labrinth. The vocalist and producer of “Pass Out” and “Frisky” who has been producing since he was 15 advises young aspiring musicians to, “Use your hearts. You should always be passionate and love what you do. That’s how you’ll get far.”

Britain’s favourite sassy girl band, The Saturdays talk Christmas presents. “Last year we did do Secret Santa, on a £5 budget though,” the pretty fivesome laugh. “But this year I think we will all go on a nice dinner.” When asked what the worst present they ever got was, Molly responded, “I think this was back when I was in school and someone got me a bar of soap. And it was used!”

Heartthrob boy bands galore were behind the scenes too, with Scouting for Girls, JLS and The Wanted performing for the second time over two days, much to the delight of their female audience. Regarding the hype around a future JLSRihanna duet, Aston Merrygold, briefly paused before replying, “There is hype about that but there’s nothing solid, although we would love to in the future.”

The pleasantly – surprisingly down-to-earth boy band, Scouting for Girls, was nothing short of a revelation. When asked which of the performers of the night they’d most want to kiss under the mistletoe, funny man and lead vocalist, Roy Stride, joked, “Tinie Tempah!” while cheeky guitarist, Greg Churchhouse  said that  he’d most want to have a snowball fight with The Saturdays. “But if they were dressed like that,” he giggled as he pointed to a presenter wearing a saucy Christmassy outfit. “That would be quite a good frolic around.”

It’s not all fun and games though; these fellas take charity work pretty seriously too. Having taken part at a charity bike ride this summer, the ‘Scouts’ say, “When you get to do the very lucky thing that we do for a living, it’s nice to be able to give a little back.”

A very laid-back Cee Lo Green who was stranded in the snow the night before, made it for the 2nd instalment of the event, where he arrived offstage with a Corona beer in hand and in a large knitted jumper. Looks like the ‘Forget You’ singer has taken his new role as “Granddad” quite seriously.

Mind – blowing performances came from global superstar Akon while Tinie Tempah wowed the fans with a resonant finishing act.

However, the highlight of the night, must be Flo Rida’s epic show which  turned the O2 arena into somewhat of a mosh pit as he was carried through the crowd on his mate’s shoulders, topless, and finally threw a sweaty towel to a few teenage girls, giving them an early Christmas present.

It was all in all a star studded night, with the right amount of cheese-factor to kick off the winter holiday season. But hey, isn’t that what Christmas is about anyway? Happy Holidays everyone.




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