Paco Pena: A Compas! To The Rhythm

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Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, London, WC2A 2HT

By Sharon Garfinkel
If music be the food of love, then the current show at the Peacock Theatre is an exquisite and mouth-watering dish best savoured by flamenco lovers. Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco Pena and his world-famous company have created a new sizzling show raging with energy and passion, which has been expertly adapted for the stage.
From the outset, this unique fusion of music and dance is a call to your heart. The extraordinarily confident dancers are entrancing and captivating begging your senses to liven. Much of the beauty of the engrossing evening stems from an anticipation of what will happen next as every second within this glorious show is a cocktail of irresistible pleasure.
And despite his worldwide reputation, the star of the show is, of course, the unassuming Pena who plays his guitar with panache. Initially he does so in darkness, but the stage gradually lightens to show a man at the height of his profession who can conjure magic from his guitar. In doing so he forces you to imagine you are sipping wine in the Andalusia.
If you want your evening to be seductive, sensual, sophisticated, but simple then make sure you head to the Peacock Theatre - preferably with a lover. This magic is only available from a limited season and is best shared. 
Devised by:      Paco Pena
Music by:          Paco Pena & Paco Arriaga
Dancers:          Angel Munoz
                          Maria Jose Franco
                          Ramon Martinez
Singers:          Miguel Ortega
                          Immaculada Rivero

Celebrities Worldwide Rating: 10 out of 10


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