Aurelias Oratorio

Ones To Watch

Lyric Hammersmith, King Street, London, W6 0QL

Sharon Garfinkel

By Sharon Garfinkel

Chaplin’s granddaughter Aurelia Thierree, ensures that the visual illusions within this 70-minute tantalising show is magic for all – adults and children alike. She has her audience in the palm of her hands and we are all captivated by the illusion and tricks that she plays on us. They take place amongst plush red velvet curtains, which take on a life of their own. There are also trains that go through people and a chest of drawers with inhabitants. Watch her leg be savaged by a gigantic silhouette. This does not disturb her – she sews it back to life.

Under Victoria Thierree Chaplin’s direction, this upside-down world is beguiling. Her take on reality is illuminating. Her belief is that a mouse can catch a cat. Watch it happen. Support comes from Jamie Martinez who dances and glides across the stage. There is also backstage assistance from five artists – Monika Schwarzl, Tarzana Foures, Christina Galeazzi, Nicola Reese and Aurelie Guin – who make everything seem seamless. Undoubtedly Aurelia’s grandfather would be proud. She is an actress, illusionist and dancer – all these skills make the performance an effortless feat. But then, she has been performing on stage since early childhood. 

My enjoyment was punctuated by the random giggles from surrounding children. Their awe proves that this treat works. Delightful, mesmerising and seductive.

Director: Victoria Thierree Chaplin
Actress: Aurelia Thierree
Dancer: Jamie Martinez

Closes: 17th June 2006.

Celebrities Worldwide Rating: 6 out of 10


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