Name in the News

Tatler's Little Black Book 2009

Anna Abramovich
teens Uber-international,
sultry oligarchette, ‘AA’
is rumoured to have a
full-time beauty
therapist on standby.
That’s why she always
 looks so good. Soon
 turning 18; what
should we expect?
People are still
talking about her 16th.

The Hon Sophia Aitken 20s
Lord and Lady Beaverbrook’s
youngest is beavering away
for Morgans Hotels, when
she’s not at raves or
holidaying in Ibiza or
Capri. A legendary cook.

Olly Alexander teens
Curly-haired intellectual
indie actor (Gulliver’s Travels
is next) who grew up
next to Blackpool Pleasure
Beach and is still obsessed
with donkeys. Rolls with
the Aaron Johnson actor crew.

Gabriella Anstruther- Gough-Calthorpe 20s
Beautiful Bumpy, below left, is in
denial about that triple barrel –
she’s secretly operating as
an actress called Gabriella Wilde.

The Hon Jake Astor 20s
One brother down
(married), one to go...
though this Wharton
grad is currently in Beijing
learning Mandarin and
hanging with Chinese
generals’ daughters.

Amber Atherton teens
Ex-Benenden babe, a
model of the moment
and somewhat of a
jetsetter. Take her for
Mojitos at Sketch. Likes
Etonians. So there.

Amelia Bamberger
Been keeping a low
profile of late. Or
perhaps she’s been at
her lectures in Bristol.
Whatevs. Always
groomed – dad is French
and mum is American,
so she’s got a head start.

Sofia Barclay 20s
The daughter of
Telegraph Media Group
chairman Aidan, this
Barclay beauty, right, is
treading the
boards at drama
school in NYC.
When in London,
she can be spotted
at Zuma. Or at the
Ritz. (They own it.)

George Barker 40s
Mr Sexy. Sienna Miller’s
now dancing to his tune.
Ask him about his label
Flying Rhino Records.
Hot on the decks.

Josephine de la
Everyone loves a dash
of Euro, thrown in with
a dollop of Manhattan.
Especially Mark Ronson.
Josephine can act – look
out for her first film,
Some Kinda Fuckery,
about a French toff
falling for a banlieue kid.

The Hon Alice
Fashion-mad PA at
Burberry whose Jaeger
hat was the talk of this
year’s Royal Enclosure.
Likes to road-trip around
India. Up for army boys.

Jacques-Louis de la
A cool new Euro in town.
Fabulous name. Well-cut
suits. Ooh... and Parisian
charm. Banker, so
probably good at maths.

Bella Bickerstaff teens
Only recently finished at
Aiglon and she’s already
had to fight off both
Harry Wales and Dizzee
Rascal. Happiest at the
family pile in Hampshire,
though one could say
her legs are wasted
there. No doubt this one
will marry spectacularly
well. But who? You?

Euan Blair 20s
Back in Blighty from
Yale and Morgan
Stanley, he’ll wine you,
dine you and whisk
you home for kitchen
sups with the rentals at
Connaught Square.

Sean Blake 20s
Made famous three years
ago when ex-girlfriend
Peaches wore a T-shirt
emblazoned with his
name. But still cool
despite that. Indie rock
’n’ roll is his game.

James Blunt 30s
It’s always nice to see a
paid-up celebrity in the
nightclubs of the
Royal Borough. Will
wake you up with
his angelic voice
in the morning,
tinkling on the
keyboard. Persistent.

Douglas Booth
Unknown actor, above
left, launched by the last
Burberry campaign, so
now officially hot and
up-and-coming. Very
pretty, which helps.
Oh... and Grade 6 on
the trumpet too.

Johnny Borrell 20s
Razorlight frontman
of the white skinny jeans
variety. Now turned
art-collecting socialite.
Nice teeth.

Francis Boulle 20s
Hypnotic descendant
of the Boulle diamond
dynasty, completing
his philosophy degree
at Edinburgh. What is
the swing hanging
from the ceiling in his
loft apartment for?

Sam Branson & Holly
Bold, blond and
beautiful. They’re
Virgin Galactic.

Ben Bridgewater 30s
Lothario and DJ
with edge, though he
spends the odd
weekend DJing
at Sloaney weddings
in the Shires (he
wouldn’t want you to
know that). He’s so
fit it doesn’t matter.

The Marquess of
Fred’s a property tycoon
in the making, and finally
back in town after years
of self-imposed exile in
Estonia. Likes: vodka and
Euro-chicks. Dislikes:
large crowds of people.

Stuart Broad 20s
Blond, angelic-looking,
rising England cricket
star who saved the
Ashes and instantly
won a thousand
female hearts.

Chloe Buckworth 20s
Back on the market,
this disco divorcee is
living the high life in
Arabella Duffield’s
Bayswater penthouse
with Hyde Park views.
Ridiculously clever
biochemist turned
sometime PA to Fergie.

Jemima Cadbury
Heathfield babe who
winters in South
Africa and sings in the
shower. Play Britney
and get her a-movin’ on
that dancefloor.

The Hon Philippa
The sexiest girl at MPW
right now, above. Half
German, half Welsh –
what an exotic cocktail.

May Calil 20s
One of Hayat Palumbo’s
bevy of Lebanese
beauties (she’ll often
be squiring her
half-sisters Petra and
Lana Palumbo). She
loves Beirut. Stalkers:
head to the Royal
Academy, where she
works. Quite up for
dates, so ask her out.

Edie Campbell
Architect Sophie
Hicks’s model daughter
whose spare time is
spent eventing on her
horse Alfie. Tone deaf.

Jamie Campbell
Model and actor
and all-round charmer.
Girls flock around him
at celebrity parties.
Looks good in bold
Burberry suits.

Andrea Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi &
Pierre Casiraghi 20s
This is the best you
can get Euro-wise and,
lucky for you, they’re
not averse to dating
a Brit. It’s London/
New York/Paris/Monaco
nirvana. Manners
maketh Monégasques.

Lady Mary Charteris
A million girls would
kill to be as pretty and
cool as Mazza. Seek her
out at fashion school
in New York. Only rock
stars need apply.

Clancy Chassay 20s
Devilishly handsome
documentary maker.
Now, that is hot.

Alexa Chung 20s
Ooh Alexa, Anna
Wintour didn’t fall for
your winning smile
and pithy charm in the
front row at Matthew
Williamson during
London Fashion Week,
did she? But no matter,
hordes of boys have.

Francesco Ciardi
Euro hotness in
sharp suits in the
City. Brains and
brawn. Fun too.

Tellisa Clarke 20s
Accident-prone, messy
and fashionably late
daughter of hair guru
Nicky Clarke, so she
always has amazing hair
and she is always right.

Philip Colbert 20s
The only hip person
ever to have passed
through the University
of St Andrews, Irish Phil
is now located at the
hip ’n’ happenin’ Rodnik
HQ in Smithfield. It’s
Noughties London’s
answer to the Factory.

Alexander Coleridge
Blond, slim, blue-eyed
Old Etonian who looks
a bit like Home Alone
actor Macaulay Culkin.
Gap-year waiter at the
Royal Opera House
before heading out onto
the Mahiki-Whisky Mist
circuit. Entirely nocturnal.

George Craig teens
Just for tonight... George,
bottom left, is the rocker
with band One Night
Only. Yorkshire’s finest.

Chelsy Davy 20s
Bouncy and fun with
no attitude and... oh
well, she’ll probably just
be using you to make
Prince Harry jealous,
but who cares?

Cara Delevingne
Just signed to Storm
but she won’t be letting
that cramp her style.
Her annual birthday
lunch in St Tropez is the
rockingest romp on the
Côte d’Azur.

Alex Dellal, Alice Dellal & Max
Dellal 20s, 20s & teens
Art dealer extraordinaire,
model and their student
brother. Brazilian charm.
And bodies.

Eliot Dodd 20s
Rock out to Diana’s Love
Child, the band he’s in
with Tom Guinness. Girls
are jealous of his legs.

Lily Donaldson 20s
Daughter of
Matthew, Lily,
below right, was
scouted shopping
in Camden. It’s
what happens
there, isn’t it?
luscious, luscious.

Jamie Dornan 20s
The number of minor
car accidents has
sky-rocketed since
Jamie, above left, starred
in Calvin Klein ads on the
sides of London buses.
And that Irish lilt. Wow!

Lady Mary
Lord Dunglass 20s
Scottish. But don’t let
that put you off. She
can sing like an angel;
Mikey’s the man to know
at Edinburgh. Mainly
because he’s on the
fashion show committee
this year.

Bernie Ecclestone 70s
Oh, the Bernster. Perhaps
he’ll go for someone
shorter next? A
79-year-old billionaire
– what’s not to like?
You’re in for the ride
of your life.

Tara Ferry teens
The fittest and funnest
Ferry. Check him out
drumming in his band,
Rubber Kiss Goodbye.

Hum & Chloe Fleming
Huntin’, shootin’, private
jettin’. Tudor Hall’s loss
is our gain. Their driver
will pick them up from
outside Cuckoo and
get them back to the
country in time for that
morning’s meet.

Alex Flick 20s
Mercedes man and Euro
Old Harrovian-abouttown.
Watch out for his
The Magnolia Curtain,
a documentary about a
poor town in the
Southern states. That
designer stubble is just
so right.

Lydia, Irene & Charlie
20s, 20s & teens
Sultry Oxford babes and
their Carthusian bro.
Clever. But enjoyable.

Jack Fox 20s
Jack’s a Fox. No, really,
he’s one of the acting
dynasty. Looks great in
swimming trunks.

Prince Lawrence
A handsome prince
who’s Lady Nicholas
Windsor’s brother. He
used to manage Tim
Henman and loads of
other tennis players,
so there’s millions of
free Wimbledon tickets
up for grabs.

Laura & Daisy
Some girls would give
anything to be as edgy
as these two. Some
actually have. Laura’s in
a band with Alice Dellal
(we can’t publish what it
is called). So, um, yeah,
did we say they’re just
really, really, really cool?

Peaches Geldof & Pixie
20s & teens
Sometimes we wonder
what all the fuss is
about. But these gamine
sisters are Fashion Week
faves. And you can be
their +1 for wild parties.

Gary Goldsmith 40s
The future Queen’s
uncle (Kate Middleton,
that is). And a house in
Ibiza. Called La Maison
de Bang Bang. If that’s
not eligible, what is?

Zac Goldsmith30s
Does come with a fair
amount of baggage but
then all that is Goldsmith
does not glitter. Brush
up on your eco-talk.

Gala Gordon teens
Aspiring actress who
often gets mistaken
on the red carpet for
Amber Le Bon. Drives
men wild with lust.

Chloe Greenteens
Besties with Kate Moss
and lives in Claridge’s
when not in Monaco.
Are you her Topman?

Nick Green 20s
Oxford engineering
undergrad who wears
snakeskin Speedos
while on the Zambezi
river, we hear. This
cupid is a great shot
with a bow and arrow.

Nick Grimshaw 20s
Get the party started
with Grimmy, our fave
Radio 1 DJ.

Arthur Guinness teens
The original Arthur
Guinness founded his
brewery 250 years ago.
The more contemporary
Arthur Guinness, bottom
left, is breaking hearts
as a fresher at Bristol.

Malachy Guinness 20s
The Sunday Times
has described him as
‘divine’. His childhood
ambition was to be
a tractor driver. But
he now runs posh tutors
Bright Young Things. I’ll
take mine clever and dry.

Lady Vivienne
A fun Tatler covergirl
and Scottish beauty.
Accomplished and
successful painter who
can also design a
stained-glass window.

Rebecca Hall 20s
Toothsome actress
daughter of director Sir
Peter who wasn’t as
annoying as Scarlett
Johansson in Vicky
Cristina Barcelona.

Marina & Dave
Marina’s a modern-day
Calypso – guys go
crazy for her. Brother
Dave’s mad, bad and
dangerous to know.
Both utterly wonderful
and always up for a laff.

Astrid Harbod & Davina
No shooting weekend is
complete without Astrid,
no rave without Davina,
who works in a shop
selling kitchen sinks.
Blonde bombshells and
favourites at the court of
good Prince Harry.

Anna Hesketh & Violet Hesketh
Two for the price of
one with this heady mix
of Bayswater beauty.

The Hons Sophia
& Freddie Hesketh 20s
She’s a stylist and a
walking fashion icon.
And hordes of girls were
hovering outside White’s
during Heskey Dawg’s
21st. The student union
at UCL has had similar
problems too.

Allegra Hicks 40s
Stylish and Italian.
Looking for her next
Prince Charming.

Tim Holmes à
As close as you get to
royalty in Oz, Tim can
currently be found in
Fulham. And in Raffles.
This racing fanatic has
more female friends
than... well, anyone.

Lord Alexander
aristocrat whose face
turns up in the papers
every time they rerun
that D-Cam Bullingdon
photo. Devilish sense of
humour. Amazing in bed.

Henry Hudson 20s
Spot this artist in the
Groucho with his sleb
mates, or at squat
parties in E17, or in the
Rodnik guerrilla fashion
show at the National
Gallery, or protesting
with striking postal
unionists. Or at Scott’s.
A man of many faces.
Mario sent him home
from the last Burberry
shoot, though.

Rosie Huntington-
That pout. Those legs.
Smokin’, left.

Max Hurd teens
Global sales at Anya
Hindmarch spiked when
this Marlborough kid
arrived at the Pont Street
store. Very proud of
selling one to Claudia
Schiffer and knows
everything there is to
know about Lady Gaga.

Georgia May
Her Hudson jeans
billboards are traffic
stopping. Naughty, above.

Max & Julia
There’s something
ineffably attractive about
that Johnson clan, isn’t
there? All so floppy and
blonde and fabulous.

The Hon Jay
Ready and willing and
rich and tall. Those
specs are so sexy too.

Willa Keswick
A firm but fair leader of
her tight-knit social crew.
And now the mistress of
her very own West End
nightclub. What’s it
called? Willa’s, of course,
where she hosted the
afterparty of the century
for our 300th. Loves
pottering on her roof
terrace overlooking
Westbourne Grove.

Nura Khan 20s
As irresistibly charming
as her boss, Mario
Testino, Nura, above, is
an exotic combo of
Yemeni and Brazilian.
The way to her heart
is through Ladurée
rose macaroons.

Victor & Francesca
Harry Dalmeny’s
beautiful cousins. He’s
recently left Durham
and is heading to
Azerbaijan, while she’s
at Oxford and wants
to go into politics
like her Prime Minister
Lord Rosebery.

Viscount Lambton 20s
Fred’s Freedom
Festival at Fenton, his
Northumberland pad,
was the dark horse of
the summer. He’ll whisk
you off to a romantic
cottage on the estate
for a weekend.

Amber Le Bon & Saffron Le
20s & teens
Amber’s a clean-living
who’s actually a bit of
a recluse – you’ll catch
her at shop openings
with her mum, though.
Doll-faced Saff, the
naughtiest girl at
Heathfield, is the one
with long blonde
hair. Both used to be
head of choir – but
don’t tell anyone.

Lola Lennox & Tali Lennox
Annie Lennox’s
daughters have
inherited her bone
structure. Boys will
walk on broken
glass to get to them...

Lottie Livingstone
The chestnut-haired
progeny of London’s
ex-First Family. Well, her
dad is Red Ken. Don’t
mention bendy buses.

Max Lowery teens
Buff Old Harrovian
heartbreaker already
making a name for
himself in the City,
where he’s a trader at
Mint Equities – though
earlier in the year he
was working in the Ugg
section at Harrods.

Mika 20s
The best legs we’ve
ever seen on a boy.
And Christian Louboutin
and Bella Freud hosted
his album launch,
so he’s part of fashion
heaven too.

Molly Miller
Nicky Haslam’s
gorgeous girl on the
front desk who has
admirers ‘dropping in’
and ‘just passing’ by the
truck load... mmm.

Jake Morant 20s
Male model turned
gallerist who can
be found hanging at
Tyrone Wood’s Scream.
Rolls with the Willa
Keswick massive.
Strong arms.

Louis Mosley 20s
Budding historian
and all-round great
conversationalist. The
epitome of chic.

Lady Tatiana
& the
Earl of Medina teens
Tats is a London
College of Fashion
kid who nips home
every night for dinner –
she’s conveniently
just moved into a
new mews house next
to her mum’s off Pont
Street. Note: don’t
get clingy. Meanwhile,
hottie Harry’s been
exiled to New Zealand.
Not for too long,
we hope.

Jake Myerson 20s
Rock musician, below
left, with a troubled
domestic past – mum
famously threw him
out and wrote a book
about it – so probably
needs good lovin’,
man. Look for him
wherever’s funky,
probably Camberwell.

Flora Naughtie
Where Flora goes, fun
won’t be far behind. One
sexy mofo.

Violet & Geordie
Fledgling journalist
Violet’s got razor-sharp
wit and amazing hair.
Geordie is an actor who
likes older women.
And they like him.

The Hon François
When he opened the
Brompton Bar & Grill
there was no question
that it would be a
roaring success. The
food is delicious,
but not as delicious
as François.

Sam & Nick Palmer
No party is complete
without these two. Here,
there and everywhere.
Is there more to life
than being really,
really good-looking?
Apparently not.

Jemima, Jessica &
Jonny Palmer-
20s, 20s
& teens
Introducing some new
P-Ts. A trinity of cool,
charm and kindness.
And they rule the slopes.
What more could one
ask for?

Blaise Patrick 20s
Famous for being
Johnny Borrell’s best
friend, this Fine Art
Society man has
bundles of energy. A
Norfolk boy, though he
never visits the county,
he is also one of the
great seducers of our
time. And can’t seem to
say no to a Euro.

The Hon Will Pelham
Coolest Etonian on
the planet. Not just
because he shaved half
his hair off. And dyed
it blue. A great artist in
the making.

Sabrina Percy teens
Riding, sailing and
intense rollercoaster
action are all in a day’s
work for this long-legged
niece of the Duke of
Recently back from a
gap year in Peru where
she bought a hamster
for 2p. They parted
company when it ate
her pashmina.

Alex Pettyfer teens
So fit. Who cares if this
actor, top, has the
personality to go with it?

Dan Philipson 30s
When not buying real
estate, dating royal
exes, adding to his art
collection (if that’s what
the gold BMX hanging
over his fireplace is), he
can be spotted in
Raffles. May hold the
secret to eternal youth.

Rosamund Pike 30s
Ros,  is
one of the last great
lady bicyclists of
her generation.
Charmant. Vraiment.

Grace Pilkington 20s
Gravelly-voiced Grace is
one helluva 24-hourparty
personage. Can
do all sorts of wonderful
party tricks too.

Princesses Beatrice,
Florrie & Augusta von
Bertie, Flozza and
Tump are three
thoroughly modern
royals. Just ask anyone
in Prime Time on the
Gloucester Road. Make
sure you get in with
‘Mama’ too.

James Rae 20s
entrepreneurial son
of movie producer
Douglas who knows
everyone. Forms an
unholy alliance with Tara
Ferry. Good cook.

Jessica Raine 20s
Often gets cast as
teenagers. This talented
actress wowed the
baying crowds in Punk
Rock at the Lyric.
the Lyric.

Errol Rainey 20s
Gawain’s little bro’s
been hiding himself
away in Dalston. Or
somewhere like
that. Photographer in
the making – what
happens if he takes
that black baseball cap
off, one wonders?
Perhaps his head will
fall off.

Guy Ritchie 40s
Weekend at Ashcombe?
Don’t mind if we do.
Likes Sloanes, so you’re
in with a chance. And
we hear his Sherlock
Holmes film is a return
to form.

Flynn Roddam teens
Wowing the Upper
East Side with her
blondeness. Living her
dreams of fame at
Lee Strasberg. A movie
geek who you must
feed with cake.

The Hon Nat
Ridiculously successful
hedgefunder. Silent,
but violently compelling
and provocative.

Lady Alice & Lady
Lucia St Clair Erskine

20s & teens
Sister-act kids of the
poshest policeman in the
land. Alice, bottom right,
has the wickedest haircut
in downtown New York.
Lucia’s a guitar-playing

Max Sangster
Currently to be found at
Leeds, when not ruling
the roost in Ibiza. Innit.

Kaya Scodelario teens
Sussex-born, norf
Landan-raised model
and actress – she’s Effy
on Skins – whose career
started when she played
a donkey in the school
nativity aged seven.

Rufus Sewell 40s
Great actor. Terrific
dancer. This crush
just gets better
and better with age.

Mark Shand 50s
The Elephant Man
– Camilla Cornwall’s
brother is a real-life
Crocodile Dundee.
Back on the market
after all these years.

Robert Sheffield 20s
Part incredibly posh,
part rock ’n’ roll –
he wishes. Good skin.
Good kisser.

Louis & Claude
Paul Simonon was the
ultra-hip bass player
of The Clash. Now
his sons Louis and
Claude, bottom left,
are in a Prada campaign.
If you don’t find that
symmetry incredibly
irritating, then you’re
bound to want to
snog them.

Lady Bella Somerset
Bunter and Tracy
Worcester’s daughter
caused mayhem on
the slopes last spring
when she kept pulling
down her ski-suit at the
top of mountains. She
also bit the tongue off
the first boy she ever
kissed. But don’t let that
put you off.

Lady Kitty Spencer
, Lady
Amelia & Lady Eliza
Cape Town and
Northampton’s finest,
the triumvirate of
Spencers create fun
and havoc wherever
they go. Especially if
they’re out ’n’ about
with cousin Harry.

Thomas, Patrick &
Alexandra Spencer

20s, teens & teens
ICAP man Michael
Spencer’s progeny are
the kids to know in
Mustique. Ali’s pretty as
a peach; the boys are at
Leeds and Trinity, Dublin,
respectively. Rugby
boys. Yum.

Polly Stenham 20s
Wycombe Abbey girl
turned wunderkind and
virtuoso playwright.
Beauty with brains.

Rory Stewart 30s
Tory candidate and
Afghanistan expert
who is always on
telly and doing
Intelligence Squared
debates. An unlikely
heart-throb – but
once girls get a taste,
they get obsessed.

Tom & Arthur
20s & teens
Chiselled sons of
the original Brideshead
director Charles.
Tom, above, is that
devastating actor;
Arthur’s still at the
Harrodian and definitely
one to watch.

The Earl of
Polo player and one
serious sailor, Gorgeous
George is a hit with
the girls. Mobbed
whenever he breaks
out of Harrow.

Cosmo Swarbreck
A Winchester-educated,
science braniac, Cosi’s
now an Edinburgh
fresher. Parties at the
family pad in Tuscany
are orgasmic.

Princesses Maria &
Lizzie von Thurn und
Hot, loaded, kite-surfing
Euros whose enormous
fortune stems from
their setting up Europe’s
first postal service
in 1490. Opening
chat-up line: the Royal
Mail strike.

Robie Uniacke 40s
A mysterious loner
and rare-book collector
who haunts South
Kensington. An ageless
mnemonist (someone
who can remember
extremely long lists) –
so useful on shopping
trips, one imagines.

Michael Walker 20s
Holiday with him at his
pads all over the world.
Palm Beach? Kenya?
Don’t mind if we do. He’s
also Lily Cole’s best
friend at Cambridge.

Susanna Warren
Gorgeous daughter of
the Queen’s trainer
John. Finer legs than
any racehorse.

Alex Watson teens
Actress Emma’s little
bro. If you’re desperate
for Potter-posse tales,
he’s your man.

Alex Webb 20s
His hair puts the
‘Hollywood into
Hollywood Road’. Or at
least that’s what he says.
A good man to know if
you want to have fun. Fit.

Florence Welch 20s
Florence is a machine.

Gerald &
Gerry and Sof are quite
frankly the best of that
Wellesley bunch. He’s
a tank commander;
she’s the hottie who
set up an investment
fund in Libya and is
currently up to similar
shenanigans in Monaco.

Oli Wennink 20s
Was in a mobile phone
ad in 2000 but has
progressed to being in
a band and living in
Brixton. Will write
poems about you. And
sing them to you.

Violet & Victoria von
Ah! The von Westies.
Baron von Westenholz
is as famous for
his pretty-as-punch
daughters as he is
for his taste. Vi’s at
Mulberry, Vic’s at
Christie’s, so now you
know where to send
the flowers.

Jacquetta Wheeler 20s
There’s something
rather jealous-making
about this lithe
supermodel who looks a
bit like an elf. Her dad is
super-loaded (Tory
donor Stuart Wheeler)
and she’s got fabulous
pins. Worth a gamble.

Simon Wolfson 40s
CEO of Next, this dark
and mysterious David
Miliband lookalike
(with glasses) rolls with
the Tories. Grab an
invite to his vast pad
near Milton Keynes.
Oh, a super-keen
barbecuer too.

Trinny Woodall 40s
W10’s favourite disco
divorcee. You don’t
necessarily have to be
chic. But it helps.

Joe Wright 30s
BAFTA-winning film
director who lives
in east London with
his dog, Kansas, a
Maltese-Yorkie cross.
Bring on the casting
couch, we say.

Cynthia Wu 30s
The richest girl in
South-East Asia, but not
averse to a hunt ball.
So beautiful. So rich. So
nice. So into good
causes she did a degree
in philanthropy. And
probably nice to animals.
What’s not to like?

Richard Wyndham
Posh Zoolander and
possibly the only OE
currently to be found at
Cardiff Uni. From
Burberry to the Jack
Wills catalogue in just
one season.

Sarah, Duchess of York
The real Ginger Spice.
It’s always a right royal
rollick round at the

Princesses Beatrice &
Eugenie of York
20s & teens
Down-to-earth, though
one could hardly say
low-key. Have men
swarming around
them like ants, so you’ve
got competition.
Beatrice is going for
gold at Goldsmiths,
while poor Eug, top,
has ditched Bouj for
Newcastle, so needs
a cuddle.

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