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By Philip Ellwood - Friday 26th August 2005 

Jack Bauer is back for the fourth worst day of his life. After getting your wife murdered, your daughter kidnapped several times and most of the people around you killed you would think about changing your job - wouldn‘t you? Well as it happens so does Jack Bauer. At the beginning of Season 4 we learn that Jack is no longer working for CTU and now works at the Department of Defence for Secretary of Defence James Heller. Jack finds himself drawn back to CTU when a diversion is created to allow terrorists to kidnap Secretary Heller and his daughter, Jack‘s new girlfriend, Audrey Heller. The kidnapping reveals a deeper more sinister plot and once again Jack finds himself racing against time to save the one he loves and the United States of America.

As always with 24 it would spoil the show to reveal anything more but you can expect the same twists and turns that have become the show‘s trademark. CTU is filled with new faces but fear not fans of the show as there are a few familiar faces that regular viewers will be happy to see back.

Season 4 manages to triumph where a lot of shows fail. The formula for 24 is still fresh and exciting whilst the writers clearly have a lot more ideas left. There is no sense of plodding along and there is not a dull moment. Every single minute is used to the maximum effect and every episode will have viewers on the edge of their seats desperate to know what happens next. 

Kiefer Sutherland puts in a sterling turn as Jack Bauer and proves again why he has managed to make such a well-received comeback on the small screen after years in the straight-to-video hell category. His portrayal of Jack is multi-layered and he is utterly convincing when he is being both sensitive or ruthless. New additions to the cast Kim Raver, as Audrey Raines and William Devane, as Secretary of Defence Heller are fantastic new characters and add another dimension to the already winning formula. Mary Lynn Rajskub is back as the moody but big-hearted CTU agent Chloe O‘Brien and provides much of the shows comic relief.

All in all season 4 is just as good if not even better than the previous three seasons. For people who have not seen the show, go and invest now - you‘re missing out on one of the best American shows in years.

Celebrities Worldwide Rating: 10 out of 10 

UK Release: 1st August 2005

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Price: £49.99

Certificate: 15

DVD Extras

Deleted and extended scenes
‘Breaking Ground: Building The New CTU‘ featurette
‘Blood On The Tracks‘ featurette
‘Lock And Load‘ featurette
‘The Longest Day‘ music video
‘Nissan Shift - Original Drama‘: a UK exclusive promotional short film! (20 mins)
‘24 - The Game‘: a behind the scenes promotional preview



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