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 ALBUM>Boyz II Men album ‘Love’

Boyz II Men create their own brand of magic once again with their inspired new album, simply titled Love.  The multiple Grammy Award winners - and most successful male vocal group of all time - tackle a hand-picked selection of their favourite popular love songs spanning the last several decades. more

 Release Date: 16th November 2009

DVD>Marriage Italian Style

Teaming two of the biggest icons in Italian cinema history, Marriage Italian Style aka Matrimonio All'Italiana, sees the legendary Vittorio De Sica directing one of – if not the most – beautiful women to ever grace the screen, Sophia Loren in a tale of vivid characters and the foibles of their sex. more

Release Date: 8 June 2009


Four episodes, each directed by a giant of Italian cinema, Boccaccio ‘70 features some of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen, unapologetically taking charge of their lives, their loves and their morals, though not always with the happiest of results. more

Release Date: 11 May 2009

DVD>Lola Montes

Telling the tragic story of the life of the legendary 19th century cabaret dancer Lola Montes (Martine Carol – Around the World in 80 Days, Destinees), her life and numerous affairs and lovers (including Franz Liszt, King Ludwig I Of Bavaria) and her fall from grace, the film tells its tale through flashbacks from her present day life as a worthless circus dancer.  more

Release Date: 06th July 2009

DVD>Paris Is Burning
It is one of the most highly rated films on club culture and the world surrounding it ever made; a documentary that has become legendary among the gay community and dance music fans alike; an award-winning outing that catalogued the then burgeoning world of vogueing that was aped by Madonna and turned into a worldwide sensation…

Release Date: 27th April 2009 

DVD>Breakdance/Electric Boogaloo
Twenty five years after its original release Breakdance The Movie is without a doubt
still the original and best breakdance film: a movie inspired by a street movement that went on to spread the craze wider and further than anyone anticipated.

Release Date: 6th April 2009

WATCHMEN first appeared as a comic book series beginning in September of 1986 and running through October of 1987 with a total of 12 issues.  Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, the series would later be published as a graphic novel and earn a reputation as a ground-breaking contribution to the genre. Now the universally acclaimed and loved graphic novel comes to life for the first time ever on DVD.

Release Date: 9th March 2009

It triggered Australia’s exploitation explosion, sparked a worldwide censorship
controversy, and remains one of the most infamous biker movies in genre
history, now, finally, Stone roars onto UK DVD for the first time.

Release Date: 20 April 2009

Quirky, intelligent, thought provoking, thrilling…Just a few of the buzzwords that have surrounded one of NBC’s most successful and acclaimed new crime dramas – Life.

Release Date: 2 February 2008

Fox Searchlight proudly announces the release of the long anticipated feature film NOTORIOUS in cinemas across the UK from 13th February, 2009.  Celebrating the hip hop legend Notorious B.I.G, later known as Biggie, the biopic tells the rags to riches story of a music icon whose life and death forever changed the landscape of music.  Embodying the American dream Biggie rose from the streets using the power of his music to speak to an entire generation.

Notorious in cinemas from 13th February

Film>The Young Victoria
Packed with drama, romance, political intrigue, breath-taking cinematography and featuring an outstanding British cast including Jim Broadbent, Mark Strong, Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson and Rupert Friend, The Young Victoria will captivate audiences everywhere.

The Young Victoria is at cinemas everywhere from 6 March

DVD>A Bloody Aria
The latest film offering from Korean director Shin-yun Won (Seven Days) is a black,black, comedy. A dark and disturbing film interwoven with touches of laugh out loud hilarity. A Bloody Aria is a brutal look at the power struggles that exist in a modern society where all relationships are based on power exchanges.

A Bloody Aria Release Date: 23 February 2009


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