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Careers: Celebrities Worldwide and Upfront TV  


                UPFRONT TV and Celebrities Worldwide currently have no job vacancies but                                          if you would like to submit your CV for future consideration please                             email your details with a covering letter to: jobs@upfronttv.com

                A keen interest and an excellent knowledge of celebrity and popular culture                      as well as current affairs would be essential.

                    Candidates would be required to be proficient in the following: Outlook,                                                     Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint and Mail                                      Merge and have at least 3 months relevant experience.


               If you are interested in applying for a work experience placement at UPFRONT                                      or Celebrities Worldwide, please submit your CV and covering letter to:                      workexperience@celebritiesworldwide.com

    Jobs and work experience placements would be based in central London.